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  • Check out the new GOES-16 ABI L2 products recently released! (3/8/2018):
    A number of GOES-16 ABI Level 2 products are now available to the public. All ABI products, as well as the L1B radiance data, are found under the GRABIPRD data family. For complete details on data maturity start dates and access dates please go to Also, it is advised that users are aware of any of the data issues by clicking on the appropriate readme links provided. The remaining products will be released once CLASS receives the green light from the program office.

    As you may know, GOES-17 was successfully launched on March 1, 2018! It will replace GOES-15, which is GOES-West, sometime this Fall. Data from GOES-17 will remain restricted until further notice.

  • Attention JPSS Users. Start dates of NOAA-20 products now available to the public. (4/25/2018):

    • 12/08/2017 - ATMS SDR and TDR
    • 01/17/2018 - CrIS SDR
    • 02/01/2018 - VIIRS SDR
    • 02/01/2018 - VIIRS Imagery Bands

    Data sets are available back to Beta Maturity. Be sure to review the readmes for any data issues and caveats on the STAR JPSS/SNPP Algorithm Maturity Matrix website at

    For easy access to the most recent JPSS global daily tar files please go to

  • GOES-16 Geostationary Lightning Mapper (GLM) Data Now Available (02/07/2018):
    The GLM Level-2 products can now be ordered from CLASS under the Family name GOES-R Series GLM L2+ Data Product (GRGLMPROD). Please be sure to read the GLM data search page Notes section for details on product maturity levels, their timelines, and all documented issues found within the Readme files.

    If you have any questions or need assistance please submit an email to CLASS Help Desk.

  • Attention New CLASS Users – See tutorial on accessing data from CLASS (4/12/2018):

    Please click on the following link to get step by step instructions on how to use CLASS to search and order data:

    If you have any questions or need assistance please submit an email to CLASS Help Desk.