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  • Attention JPSS Users! (6/18/20):
    A number of legacy products generated since the launch of S-NPP have been replaced by the higher quality NOAA Enterprise products. CLASS has been receiving these newer products for over two years now. CLASS will no longer be receiving these legacy products after June 24, 2020. Please refer to the table here for a listing of legacy products and corresponding newer products. Please contact the CLASS Helpdesk with any questions or concerns.

  • Attention GOES-R users! (5/22/2020):
    GOES-R series INST-CAL files are missing for the following dates: 02/22/20 to 04/02/20 and 04/14/20 to current. Nominal conditions of the return flow of the data has not been determined at this time. Contact the CLASS Helpdesk for any questions.

  • Attention AVHRR data users! (8/27/2019):
    Beginning on August 27, 2019, the POES LAC data production for all satellites has been terminated. For CLASS, this means we will no longer be ingesting AVHRR_LAC (e.g. NSS.LHRR.NP.*.XX) legacy data from our data provider. Please contact the CLASS Helpdesk if you have any questions or need assistance selecting similar products from CLASS.

  • More Product Releases for GOES-17 (8/5/2019):
    The majority of GOES-17 ABI L2+ Products have reached Provisional Validation maturity. These data are available to the public along with the older data at Beta maturity. It is important to know the maturity level of each product you order by referring to the Readmes located at to fully understand the quality and limitations of each product.

    These products are grouped together with the ABI Level 1b and L2 Cloud and Moisture Products under the GOES-R Series ABI Products GRABIPRD CLASS search page.

    For GOES-17 ABI performance issues go to

    Most of GOES-16 products are at Provisional Maturity with Full Maturity (highest quality level) given for ABI Level 1B Radiance data and Cloud and Moisture Imagery products.

  • Attention New CLASS Users – See tutorial on accessing data from CLASS (4/12/2018):

    Please click on the following link to get step by step instructions on how to use CLASS to search and order data:

    If you have any questions or need assistance please submit an email to CLASS Help Desk.