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    NESDIS Total Ozone from Analysis of Stratospheric and Tropospheric components (TOAST) - TOAST combines UV and IR ozone retrievals from an algorithm using the Solar Backscatter Ultraviolet Version 2 (SBUV/2) and the Cross-track Infrared Sounder (CrIS) instruments. This daily Total Ozone Analysis is an enhanced version of the previous TOAST product using SBUV/2 and the Advanced Tiros-N Operational Vertical Sounder (TOVS). The most significant improvement of the algorithm is in the IR-derived product replacement of the column amount retrievals from the High resolution InfraRed Sounder (HIRS) with the CrIS profile retrievals. This improvement allows the algorithm to provide global 1 degree x 1 degree total ozone amounts and profile maps at 12 Umkehr layers. The new products have significantly increased accuracy in tropospheric ozone estimation. The TOAST data archive contains UV, IR and blended products in direct access binary data format, and blended products in GRIB format. The direct access binary files have record length of 260640 bytes, which represent a 360x181 array of 4-byte floating point values for the two-dimensional global 1×1 degree gridded analysis. The first data value in a record is for the point centered at (0.5 deg East, 90 deg South). See metadata documentation for more information on the TOAST direct access binary format and grid. These operational products were produced by the NOAA/NESDIS Office of Satellite and Product Operations (OSPO). The enhanced TOAST products have been operational since 2014, however the archive period of record begins in 2016. See the Details Section below for more information.

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