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    Ocean Color SeaWIFS Products - NOAA CoastWatch produces near real-time ocean color products, e.g. chlorophyll-a concentration and turbidity (reflectance), with data from NASA's GeoEye's Orbview-2 satellite (via contractual purchase). The data is collected by selected HRPT ground stations.The level 1A data consists of raw radiance counts from eight bands (six in visible and two in near infrared spectrum), calibration data, navigation data, instrument telemetry and selected spacecraft telemetry. Each level 2 satellite specific product has unique characteristics dependent on the sensor and the algorithm applied. While level 2 historic data is open to the public, level 1 data is restricted to users covered by SeaWIFS CoastWatch contract due to limitations associated with commercial data. Users may find instructions on how to become registered users with SeaWIFS at Note: The OrbView-2 spacecraft, which carried the SeaWiFS instrument, stopped communicating with Earth-based data stations in December 2010. After several months of attempts to revive the link, GeoEye, the company that operated the spacecraft, officially ended any further attempts at recovery.

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HNSG - GSFC NASA Greenbelt, MD
HUSF - University of South Florida, Saint Petersburg, FL
HMBR - Moss Landing, CA
HUAF - University of Alaska, Fairbanks, AK
HORB - no station identifier, data processed at ORBIMAGE(GeoEye), VA
HUTX - University of Texas, TX
HUSC - University of California, Santa Barbara, CA
HIGP - University of Hawaii, HI
ODUL - ORBIMAGE (GeoEye), Dulles, VA
HOSA - SeaSpace, San Diego, CA
HBIO - Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
HROT - Rota, Spain

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